Greetings once again loyal listeners and welcome once again to your weekly vertical slice of gaming goodness and geek culture. On the second part of this week’s installment of Fragments of Silicon which will take place live this Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST, we shall be treading on new ground as we welcome a duo from the prolific visual novel distributor Sekai Project, PR manager Audun Sorlie and Narcissu producer Randy Au to the program. Indeed as stunning as it might seem this is the first time we have covered the genre of visual novels and more to the point we are covering non-adult visual novels and Sekai Project is on the precipice of releasing potentially their biggest game to date, a localization of the rather famous visual novel from KEY known as CLANNAD which got an anime adaptation back in the mid-2000s and is considered by some one of the best romance anime to have ever been created.    On the Topic of Discussion this week we shall be talking about the old format of cartridges, why they were used, what their limitations were and why they fell out of favor as a storage medium and we are doing it this week since last week when ended up talking about Armello the whole time last week. As always be sure to tune into the program live on Talkshoe this Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST or if you miss the show be sure to download from Talkshoe, iTunes or the PodcastAddict App for Android. Also be sure to join our Steam Group linked below.

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