Greetings once again loyal listeners and welcome once again to your weekly vertical slice of gaming goodness and geek culture. on the second part of the finale of the fifth season of Fragments of Silicon, which will take place live this Wednesday at 9:00 PM EDT,  we shall be welcoming, in a manner of speaking, an old friend back to the show. For the very long time listeners of our body of work may recall among the first makers of games featured on Moonhawk Studios Presents classic was a studio called Runic Games reckoned as the creators of the Torchlight series. Indeed about 4 years ago we had them on that program in the lead up to the release of Torchlight 2 which culminated in our first preview show case of a game ever. It has been a long stretch of time since then and we are now working on a new show but Runic Games is ready to return with new representative, current COO Allen Fong, who will be talking about their brand new IP HOB on the broadcast. On the Topic of Discussion this week we shall be doing our yearly tradition, the E3 20165 news and event round up as well as some questions about the event itself.   As always be sure to join us live on Talkshoe on Wednesday at 9:00 PM EDT/6:00 PM PDT or if you miss the show be sure to download from Talkshoe, iTunes or the PodcastAddict App for Android. Also be sure to join our Steam Group linked below.

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