Greetings once again loyal listeners and welcome once again to your weekly vertical slice of gaming goodness and geek culture. This week we return to one of the most popular genres on the indie scene, the 2D platformer. This particular brand of platformer is taking its cues from an unlikely source. Creator Connor Ullmann has fashioned his game after the game Dark Souls and can thus be described as a rather short engagement usually ending in pain and death until mastery is obtained. The Topic of Discussion this week shall be about the runaway success of the currently ongoing Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter and how it reached a zeitgiest not seen in quite some time. As always be sure to tune into the program live on Talkshoe this Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST or if you miss the show be sure to download from Talkshoe, iTunes or the PodcastAddict App for Android. Also be sure to join our Steam Group linked below.

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