Greetings and salutations loyal listeners, on this episode of Fragments of Silicon we welcome to the program another neophyte to the world of developing video games.  New listeners should be aware that this type of interview is as close to bread and butter in terms of types of interviews we host. At any rate, it is out pleasure to welcome to the program the head of Poleaxe Games, Kevin Jenkins. Indeed this developer has some grand ambitions as it is hard at work making a curious fusion of tactics games with perspective of the first person in Empire of Ember.  The game seeks to combine city building, siege combat, a strategic campaign map, unit-level army combat, procedural dungeons, first person combat, destructible environments, and spells with widely varied effects which is no doubt a tall order. The game is currently in Early Access release and we will ascertain the state and level of the current build.  On the Topic of Discussion this week we shall be talking about the legacy and impact of Portal 2 on the heels of its tenth year of existence. As always be sure to tune in to the program for all of the fun and adventure this Wednesday at 9:30 PM ET/6:30 PM PT!

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