Greetings once again loyal listeners and indeed newly minted listeners, on the first part of this week’s installment of Fragments of Silicon we are going to take a trip into the old school, not from a historical vantage per sae, but as we welcome our good friend Rebecca “Burger Becky” Hieneman back to the program after a few years, we will be talking about new games for old hardware. We have featured such software before, though only in console form up to now. Indeed we will be focusing in on the game Backy and her team have been making for some 9 years, Lawless Legends, an new RPG Adsventure type affair not such slated for modern systems like Steam but with versions in development for the likes of the C64 and of course Apple II. Also worth mentioning in a non-gaming capacity but Sailor Ranko is also set to return in the near future. On the Topic of Discussion this week we shall be having to talk about Activision developer Toys for Bob and their current fate of being sent to toil on the Call of Duty franchise after wrapping up on Crash 4. As always be sure to join in on all of the fun and adventure this Wednesday at 9:30 PM ET/6:30 PM PT on Twitch.

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