Greetings once again loyal listeners, This week on Fragments of Silicon we welcome once again to the program our good friend from MangaGmer, John Pickett to talk about more stuff from MangaGamer. This time around things are shaping up around some third party pick ups like Nakadashi Banzai 5, Ark of Artimes and Explorers of the Abyss. The mainlines centerpiece from MangaGamer will be a recent announcment, the sequel to The Expression: Amrilato known as Distant Memoraĵo. On the Topic of Discussion this week, we shall be doing a retrospective of the Saint’s Row franchise in honor of Saint’s Row 5 not being at E3 2021. As awlays be sure to join in on all of the fun and advneture this Wednesday at 9:30 PM ET/6:30 PM PT!

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