Mellow greetings once again loyal and new members of the Fragments of SIlicon audience, this week on the program we are welcoming back to the program our good friends at the Quantum Astrophysicists Guild or henceforth to be known QAG for the sake of simplicity. We have featured them a few times already especially last year focusing on a range of titles. Represented by Blake Dove this go around,  they are returning to talk about their wares for this current year, this time the main feature will be the upcoming, let us call it, 360 degree puzzle platformer known as Space Otter Charlie. Meanwhile on the Topic of Discussion we are actually getting to Goldeneye this week due to the sudden appearance of a sizable Nintendo Direct. I suppose for those who are recent fans of the program should known this now going forward, these final show card is subject to change and we may or may not have enough time to rewrite the promo be the time of the program. SO be sure to join us on Twitch live at 9:30 PM ET/6:30 PM ET and if you like what we do be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell.


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