Welcome once again members of the audience both new and old, this week on Fragments of Silicon we are going to school, both the old school and the new school as our featured interview this week is going to be one half of the adventure game design team that has brought some pretty damn good entries in the genre. We will be welcoming Corey Cole who along with wife Lori worked during at Sierra during the golden age and help make The Castle of Dr. Brain educational series of adventure game along with the famed Quest for Glory hybrid adventure game RPG. Much more recently they have established their own adventure game universe centered around the storied school for adventurers, Hero U, which had its first game Rogue To Redemption ported to the Nintendo Switch recently. On the Topic of Discussion this week we will reflect on the latest developments on happening with the Pokemon franchise and its new desire to visit the fourth generation. As usual be sure to watch, subscribe, hit the notification bells and fall us on the social media.

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