Greetings and salutations loyal audience members of very loyal persuasions, your starting line up for this week’s installment of the Fragments of Silicon Sunday Reviews. As always, the order reflected here may be subject to change but the games will be the one featured unless something went very wrong. At any rate we will be reviewing open world Monster Truck Driving/Racing game Monster Jam Steel Titans 2, a fast-paced shoot-em-up for the Playstation 4 called Blastful, a challenging platformer, which we call colloquially a masochistic platformer, in the vein of Super Meat Boy and Dust forced known as The Lost Cube and a bloody rougelike adventure game hewn from the bowels of interstation of The Binding of Iassac with the titling of In Celebration Of Violence. Be sure to join us for about 2 hours of critical analysis beginning at 8:30 PM ET on the Fragments Twitch Page!

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