Wow, it has been awhile since I have used this space on the sidebar, well, chalk it up to a number of factors but I finally I have something I want to highlight other than the promo of the week. So we recently made the jump from Talkshoe, the creaky broadcasting service that served as homebase for 6 seasons. We certainly have talked it up, but is Livestream really the better home, now that we have had a couple of weeks to really get familiar with this service. Oh by god yes, overall it is a godsend with some unfortunate caveats.

Everything is so streamlined and simple when it comes to connecting the Skype apparatus. All of the digital equipment works on consistent basis and we can get started on time rather then faffing about for an embarrassing amount of time.  We have embedded the Livestream channel right here on the website so no more indirect access from where we promote the show to where it is actually broadcasted.  The audio quality is leagues better, everybody is crisp and crystal clear rather then sounding like we broadcast out of tin can every week.

So what are the downsides that I previously alluded towards?  Well, a couple of them are due to the fact that currently we are restricted to using basic version of Livestream, so we can only have 50 people chatting, though this particular issue is soothed by our de facto second broadcasting location, Naka’s Twitch TV Channel.  I have also been told that scheduling future events  can’t be done with the basic version so there is no good way to see our upcoming shows at the moment an issue I hope has a solution sometime in the near future.   Lastly since both Twitch TV and Livestream are video services first and foremost downloading and archiving the sows has actually taken a hit, especially since we lost iTunes syndication in the move, not sure if anything is to be done about that.


At any rate, those are my overall impressions of the new set-up, it is a move that really needed to happen, Talkshoe had gotten to the point where it was being a caustic agent to the show, not just for all of the headaches it offered the staff but also the frustrations it offered to the listeners, I am convinced we lost a lot of people due to the incompetence of Talkshoe, not just for the stuff I mentioned, but I also recall that the Talkshoe chatroom crashed quite frequently for those who used it. Basically I can’t blame anybody for not sticking with us through that mickey mouse bullshit and I for one am eternally thankful for those who have stuck with us through the bad time and are contiuning to listen in the much brighter fields.