Greetings loyal listeners, indeed this is not the usual post announcing what the next Fragments of Silicon episode is going to be about, no this is something special. Thanks to unprecedented support from our friends at Night Dive Studios we are pleased to announce what are we dubbing The Night Dive Studios Grand Classic Giveaway. Every week for the next four shows we shall be including the giveaway of up to 5 copies of a game published by Night Dive through the show itself during the live broadcast, on Twitter at my account or even though our Steam user group.  Right, so here the rundown on what we are giving away, we are starting off next week with the ever popular System Shock 2 then we follow with the cult classic Harvester then next week with Darklands and we finish things off with not only a giveaway of the great and underrepresented Strife: Veterans Edition but we will also be recording a special episode around this game, only the second game to earn that distinction. So be sure to tune in for your chance to win and we wish you good luck and good gaming.

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