Greetings and salutations our humble audience and welcome to the first written promo for the political show that we launched a few months back The Last Newsdesk On The Left; it is a program that was have been planning on making for years but only got off the ground in the run up to the last election since this is one of The Moonhawk Network’s favorite topics.  As the name denotes we lean to the left on the political spectrum, though probably most squarely in the center-left field. At any rate, in the era of Biden some weeks may be slow when it comes to political commentary but not this week as we will be focusing in on the last bit of backwash from The Nightmare Times as we talk about the end of the second impeachment trial of Donald John Trump. We shall reflect upon the life and times of Rush Limbaugh. We will also give a bit of the spotlight on Biden himself vis a vis his recent town hall and in our entertainment section we will cover the end times of the Ducktales reboot. Be sure to join us at 11 AM ET.8 PM PT right here at Mac Twitch Page and later on here on TMHN Youtube page for all the merriment and joy that comes from talking about political discourse.