Partisan greetings our most wonderous audience, this week on The Last Newsdesk we shall reflect over the dramatics of the COVID relief bill by offering up a profile in aggravation of one senior Senator from West Virginia and the orneriness held in his positions that are at once infuriating and the other annoying. Be that as it may, he has been dubbed among other things the Real Majority Leader of the Senate for a very good reason, with lowest margin of a majority possible he commands great leverage and is in the position to make demands.  In other news, we pop off to the United Kingdom for a spell in order to focus in on the outmoded concretization known as monarchy and how their toxicity almost ruined the lives  of a shockingly lovely couple. Over in the entertainment section, we will at least talk around the recent release of Eva 3.0+1.0 though I would imainge in depth talks might have to wait for a few reasons. As always be sure to join us on Mac’s Twitch Page at 11 PM ET/7 PM PT for all the fun and adventure.