Salutations anew loyal audience members, hope you all have been having a fine week and mayhap you have already received your third stimulus check. Indeed, in the aftermath of the passage of a major bill and the national politic turning down to a cool simmer we shift our attention to the States this week. In particular New York State where conversional governor Andrew Cuomo has found himself under fire and also under investigation  for his alleged role in allegedly sexual harassing and/or sexually assaulting multiple women. Indeed many local, state and national politicians have called for his resignation but Cuomo has dug in and is sticking around for the moment. We will also cover the beginnings of the next major round of legislation, currently set to be infrastructure but there are completing forces vying to be next at the ticket line.  In the entertainment section of the news, Kevin will probably fill us in on what happened at the Grammys and we will talk about the finale to the 2017 Ducktales reboot. As always be sure to tune in live at 11 PM ET/8 PM PT on Mac’s Twitch Channel.