Greetings once more fellow political junkies, apologies for the lack of a promo last week as this website was suffering from an outage at the host level that has since been rectified. On this installment of The Last Newsdesk on the Left we profile At long last one of the most controversial members of the body Congress as we dive into the late braking scandal surrounding local Florida Man Rep. Matt Gatez and the harrowing allegations being levied by the Department of Justice that has its origins in the last administration. Also on tap we head to the other side of the Florida-Georgia Line to profile what has become the flashpoint epicenter of the new fight over Voting Rights, which looks a lot like the old fight in many ways. More updates on infrastructure as Biden’s plans come into focus. Straddling between politics and entertainment is the attempts at having a Satanic Panic over Little Nas X’s new music video and in pure entertainment back to the world of Anime with the Season 5 debut of My Hero Academia and addressing the troubled productions of seasonal titans Sk8 The Infinity and Wonder Egg Priority. As always be sure to join us live on Mac’s Twitch page at 11 PM ET/8 PM ET!