Welcome once again to the politics show that never truly ends, even though we do take the occasional break. Indeed we are just two episodes away from wrapping on season one of this venture and if nothing else it has spanned a truly historic band of time with events transpiring that will be talked about for years and decades to come. Indeed the lead-in this week is part of the fallout from the 2020 election which we have talked about before but this election restriction plotting has now become law and actions and reactions are already boiling over into boycotts and punishment.  Elsewhere in the meth labs of Democracy we finally turn our attention to Arkansas as we are needing to cover what is now the new flashpoint against trans people  in their ban on gender-affirming treatments for youthful transpeople. Also on the docket is a look at the NRA bankruptcy and the first George Floyd murder trial and in the entertainment section it is off to cover the new Kickstarter for MST3K, the return of MHA and the announcement of more Jojo.  Be sure to tune in for all of the let us say heated passions of the transgressions of the world live at 11 PM ET/8 PM on Mac’s Twitch page.