Welcome once again to the politics show that does have ends, seasonal ends, indeed we have come to the final episode of the first season of this program in which after its broadcast we will be taking a short break, thereabouts a fortnight, and a hearty return with batteries recharged. With that in mind we will headline things by talking about the proposal of troop withdraw and therefore sunsetting the longest armed conflict the USA has thus far fought. We also go international as we have our first coverage of the mess Brexit has made in North Ireland with the teetering return of The Troubles. Sadly have to talk about more shooting deaths of both the mass and cop variety and how that signals a true return to normality in America. Finally we wrap things up by wading knee deep into the Spring Season of Anime 2021. As always be sure to tune in live at 11 PM ET/8PM PT for all the piss and vinegar that an hour of politics can muster on Mac’s Twitch Page.